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Practice Areas

Personal Injury


        Early on, I represented insured defendants and self-insured corporations, and appeared in hundreds of personal injury cases in that capacity.  Since forming my own firm in 1995, I have predominately represented plaintiffs.  While I have brought cases to resolution resulting in multi-million dollar recoveries, I know that every personal injury case is the most important to that client.  Regardless of the potential amount of recovery, the client’s first need is honest evaluation and complete information.  I am available for initial consultation at no cost to the potential client. 


If client and I, after together assessing the facts and applicable law, agree there is a meritorious claim, I will explain the legal process and lay out a roadmap for prosecution of the case.  The client is kept informed at every step of the process and is the ultimate decision-maker in any settlement negotiations.


 Business Litigtion

            I have handled a large range of commercial cases, dating back to the beginning of my career.  Subjects have included breach of contract, various real estate issues, trade secrets, construction disputes, and business organizations, including partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.  I understand that people involved in business must consider legal disputes within a larger context.  Winning is important, but winning means achieving a goal with the efficient use of appropriate resources, while avoiding collateral damage to reputation and business relations. 


The business case begins with a thorough assessment of the facts and documents at issue, followed by careful legal analysis, including any necessary research.  The client is fully informed of the risks and potential benefits from the beginning, including careful estimates of legal fees and litigation costs.  I know that cases belong to clients, not lawyers.  The client, with proper counsel, will make all critical decisions affecting the outcome of the case.

Mediation and Arbitration Services


The costs and uncertainty of litigation make rational civil litigants seek solutions to disputes other than through protracted legal proceedings.  Increasingly, alternative dispute resolution processes, principally mediation and arbitration, are utilized to bring cases to a quicker, less expensive end. 


Mediation is a process whereby the parties negotiate a compromise with the aid of a neutral mediator.  Mediation has probably accounted for resolution of more than half of all civil lawsuits filed in the last decade.  In more than 25 years of civil litigation, I have participated in negotiation of hundreds of cases, many of them through mediation.  I have acted as mediator in various kinds of cases, both as a private mediator and on appointment by the Superior Court. A successful mediation begins with a professional atmosphere that encourages respect for the process.  I know that every case is different, and I believe that every litigant is entitled to have his or her voice heard and position respected. 


Arbitration is an adversarial proceeding much like a court trial.  I have been asked or appointed to decide dozens of cases.  I have been selected to sit as the neutral arbitrator on three arbitrator panels on many occasions.  My many years and diversity of experience have taught me to apply law to facts and reach a conclusion that meshes legal complexity with common sense.  I am committed to having every party who appears in arbitration before me feel that his or her position and evidence were fairly heard and considered.   

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